accessibility ACCESSIBILITY

We realize that dentistry can be stressful for some people and have gone out of our way to make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible.  Many offices, including ours, offers nitrous oxide and Valium sedation but we wanted to offer other alternatives as well.

 Alpha-Stim Relaxation Technology allows the patient to relax and have a general feeling of well being without drugs.  It is safe, easy to use and leaves the patient feeling alert.  It is provided as a complementary service to all our patients.  


 Bose noise cancelation headphones and a loaded ipod give our patients the chance to relax to music they like and avoid the background noise in a dental office.

NEEDLE FREE anesthesia for patients needing periodontal treatment.  This has a quick onset ( 30 seconds) and effects only the area treated.  
  We had our office designed with a "spa" in mind.  We have waterfalls, greenery and a natural color scheme, all of which promote a relaxing environment.
 Each operatory is equiped with large screen monitors.  This allows you to either watch a movie or watch the doctor design your crown.  It can also be used to show you your digital radiographs and intraoral photos.  When the patient is able to see what we are seeing it is much easier for them to understand their treatment.