accessibility ACCESSIBILITY

"Introduction to CEREC   - A Step Toward Excellence" 

One-on-one training for a  smooth transition to an advanced technology.

Transitioning into new "state of the art" technologies can be problematic without the proper training.  This course is offered  to facilitate a smooth transition to this advanced technology.   This is a 2 day course that delves into all the essential steps needed to make you successful.  Patient selection, tooth preparation, powdering, capturing image, milling and cementation are covered in detail.   The first day is devoted exclusively to training the doctor and is customized to his level of experience.  Two weeks later, during the second session,   any questions or  problems that have arisen in the past few weeks are addressed and skills are fine tuned.  This session also involves the staff.  It  addresses the administrative, insurance issues and how they can become involved, educate the patient and support the doctor.   Photography, to insure smooth reimbursement from  insurance companies, is also discussed.   

This course in designed to promote the highest level of patient care. Our goal is to get you and your team excited and "fired up" about the new services and convenience that they can offer to their patients.


"Advanced Training" 

Transitioning to quadrant dentistry and anterior cosmetics

This course allows the doctor to advance to the next level of patient care.  Being able to offer this level of patient care is professionally rewarding not only to you but also to your patients and staff.  Inherent pitfalls and problems you will encounter are addressed so they can be avoided clinically.  Correlation vs dental data base issues are discussed.  E-max technology and glazing restorations are also addressed.